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Portrait Photography

Portrait photography exists in many types and forms:

  • Professional Headshots: portraits aimed for professional presentation. A 30 minute studio session

[Link to our Headshot page]

  • Personal Portraits: a portrait aimed to capture your persona. A creative session including three scenes. A 90 minute studio session.

[Link to our Personal Portrait page]

  • Bike and Biker Portraits: pictures of you and your bike. A 3 hour studio session.

[Link to our Bike & Biker Showcase page]

  • Lifestyle Portraits: portraits displaying your lifestyle or interest. A 90 min studio session.

[Link to our Lifestyle Portrait page]

  • First Responder Portraits: portraits of first responders serving the Pacific Northwest. A 90 minute studio session.

[Link to our First Responder page]

  • Creative Portraiture: Portraits using custom backgrounds, creative lighting, and leading edge image processing. A 90 minute studio session.

[Link to our Creative Portrait page]

“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”

— Alfred Stieglitz