Bike and Biker Showcase

(motorcycle photography in the great Pacific Nortwest - King and Snohomish Counties)

Our Everett Motorcycle Studio

We just completed our custom 8-by-12 foot motorcycle studio designed specifically for photographing motorcycles. It's a motorcycle softbox consisting of a dozen high-powered studio strobes, forming a combined 6,000 watts of controlled light.

We wrap light around your bike so we can show off your motorcycle's lines and brings your bike alive.

Then we "paint" your bike with light (light paint) to display your bikes personality and enhance your bikes colors and textures. The result - a custom photograph displaying your bike for all to see.

Together we will to photograph:

  • your bike, a motorcycle portrait
  • you and your bike
  • you, dressed as you ride - a biker portrait

Our Location

Our studio is located in Everett, Washington on the way to Mukilteo along the Mukilteo Boulevard, View Ridge Area. 30 miles from Seattle. A short ride...

Focus Photography Motorcycle Studio in Everett Washington

Our Motorcycle Photography Session

Our bike and biker sessions are 3 hours, as we light paint your bike. Add another hour for your portrait... And, if you want, you can help select your top shots!

Our Portrait Package

We light paint your bike (1 image) and add a portrait of:

  • you (as a biker),
  • your bike - standard lighting,
  • your bike - light painted,
  • you and your bike, and
  • pertainent bike details

(6-8 images total)

A photo gallery of all quality images (typically 20-40) with the ability for you to select your top 6-8 images, allowing digital download after editing.

Package Cost

[Link to Pricing]


Draft images will be posted to your gallery within 72 hours, allowing you to select the top 6-8 for editing / retouching.

Schedule Your Session

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Bike and Biker Gallery

Be sure to see our Bike and Biker Gallery

[Link to Bike and Biker gallery]

Bike and Biker Photo Examples:

Bike and Biker Photography

A session designed to showcase your bike - and you as a biker. We will photograph you and your bike, together and separate. Our objective is to get a very clean, well lit, and uninterrupted view of your bike, its details and you - the rider.

This 2-3 hour session will allow us to light paint your motorcycle, as well as, photograph you.

Let your alter ego shine.

Say hello.

Let's work together