Let us help you generate the optimum online profile.


What pictures should make up your social profile?


Generally you want 4-6 great pictures:


  1. a social headshot
  2. a full body honest photo
  3. a lifestyle shot (or two)
  4. a personable shot (or two)

 Pictures are like prunes. A lot is too many and a few is not enough...

Social Headshot

Your most important profile picture is your social headshot. This is a picture from your shoulders to the top of your head, taken in a casual setting and showing you are engaging and approachable. 


Often this picture is taken in place comfortable to you. Maybe with a casual background - a bookshelf, a garden, a colorful wall, a blue sky …


We have identified 13 things that will help make your photo stand out without looking over processed.


Smile - an honest smile with sparkly eyes.


Maybe some bold colors with a color palette matching your eyes, hair and your background. 

Full Body

The body picture should extend to include your whole body. It should show the real you - in a flattering setting. Maybe casually standing next to a wall or engaged in an activity - and standing.

Sometimes a 3/4 shot will work, but make it the top 3/4...


You should be dressed in clothes that fit well and make you happy. Not too tight, too layered nor too revealing.

Casual usually works best, but if you are a formal person - let it show!

Honesty is important - sexuality should be subdued. 


Lifestyle Photo

What do you like to do? Let’s show your interests to the world.

Do you like to:

  • Hike - show a picture of you in the out-of-doors
  • Cook - show the chef preparing a meal
  • Exercise - show yourself in action (but be modest)
  • Read - show yourself curled up with a great book...
  • Play chess - show the queen's gambit
  • Play music - let it rip...

Show your hobby so you attract people with similar interests...


Personable Photo

What makes you personable. Let’s show some candid photos where you are laughing and having fun, approachable.

Maybe a 1/2 to 3/4 length photo against a casual backdrop. A causul setting - you do do casual, don't you?

This can be similar to any of the other pictures just in a different setting and framed to show your upper half. Flattering and fun.


Maybe some bold colors, maybe some bold ideas.

Personal Portraits for you to Share

A session designed to showcase - YOU!

To let your inner beauty shine.

  • Headshot
  • Full Body
  • Lifestyle
  • Personable photo

A Portrait to be Remembered

A portrait can be captured a million different ways. But capturing your persona can be allusive...

But we will rise to the challenge! Together we will capture your inner brilliance.

We love working with clients, distilling their beauty into a near-ideal form. We will have a blast!

Our Focus Photography Portrait Session

Our portrait sessions are 2 hours but last a lifetime. We will divide our time between our studio and our local Everett parks: Mukilteo Lighthouse Park, Howarth Park, the Evergreen Arboretum & Gardens and the new Mukilteo Ferry Terminal, as examples.

Our Portrait Package

Six(6) social portrait photos, various settings.

A photo gallery of all top images, allowing additional prints and digital download. Digital downloads are free for the top 6 images, $10 per images after. 8-1/2" x 11" prints are $15 each.

Package Cost

[Link to Pricing]


Images will be edited and posted to your gallery within 48 hours.

Schedule Your Session

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Portrait Examples:

Social Headshots

Full Body Pics

Lifestyle Photos

A Personable Photo - or two

It was as if time stood still

We don’t take pictures - we make them.


We work with you to carefully craft each picture. Well lit, in focus, flattering, engaging.  

Why Focus Photography?


We have worked with northwest clients to improve their social profiles by reviewing existing photos, taking additional pictures and providing guidance on the optimum picture set to display the real you.

We have developed a unique program where we photograph you in a way that allows you to stand out from the hunderds of other online profiles. We do this by creating a series of photos that showcase your personality and physique in a variety of different settings, wardrobes and poses - emphasizing your genuine warmth and approachability.


The good, the bad and the ugly


"You are only as attractive as your worst photo"

We have learned what works and what is creepy or cringeworthy. When we assist with your social presence we optimize your presentation:

  1. Highlight you, don’t distract with people you can’t or should not explain (i.e. ex partners)
  2. Take your picture at eye height - not at wired angles.
  3. Be modestly clothed. Pass on bikini and gym shots - especially for the men,,,
  4. Be conservative with make-up and facial expressions. Bold eyeliner and a duck face may challenge your prospects.
  5. Show your eyes and hair. Sunglasses and hats can be added with your personable shot, but not for your main social profile picture.


So, let's make every picture a winner: flattering, engaging, interesting.



$200 for a 90 minue session