Bottle Photography

We love photographing bottles. Big ones, small ones - splits, flutes, fifths, carafes, magnums…. All bottles bring charm - and each bottle has a story to tell. Let us help!

 In vino veritas (In wine there is truth)

Wine Bottle Photography - White Wine

Wine Bottles presented as a Catalog Cutout

Wine Bottle Photography - Red Wine

Wine bottles with a distinctive edge

Wine Bottle Art Photography

Bottle Display Artwork

Liquor Bottle Photography

Wine Bottle and Liquid Photography

 Focus Photography provides bottle and liquid photography in a studio setting. Our environment is controlled, and our process is unique. We work systematically - for reproducible superior quality!  A fun experience for all involved!

Bottle Photography

We provide bottle shots for catalogs and marketing. Your pictures can be the classic single bottle shot, a creative art shot or a combination. Simple and quick or detailed and enticing - your choice.


Bottle Photography in Everett Washington, 30 miles north of Seattle.


The Process


  1. You send a simple portrait request (see contact form below)
  2. We will provide a quote (current sale: $89 per bottle with quantity discounts)
  3. We schedule a portrait session
  4. You send us your bottles (clean bottles with crisp label and cap/foil)
  5. Include any special props and accounterments, examples: tablecloths, glasses, corkscrews, spices, food
  6. We photograph and edit your images using the latest Photoshop techniques
  7. We post your final images in your gallery, allowing review and download.



Exquisite results in 24 hours…


Your bottle will not be returned. It will be enjoyed!


Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.

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Waterbrook Reserve - Wine Bottle
Tintoretto Pinot Grigio Wine Bottle
Wiine Bottle Photography
Three wine bottle series
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Bottle Photography Pricing:

 See our pricing page [link]


  1. Background: white, clear, black, red (catalog bottle shots are often on a white, cutout background)
  2. Bottle Bottom: trimmed, reflected, shadowed
  3. Lighting. Side and/or back
  4. Tabletop: wood table, white, black, clear, wooden or colored (i.e. teal.)
  5. With or without a glass.
  6. Sized to your specification.
  7. File type: jpg, tiff, png or dng (jpg is the most common)

Additional concepts to consider:

  1. Add drink filled glass: add $60 per bottle
  2. Bottle groups: $20 per bottle added into a group (in addition to a portrait for each bottle)
  3. Addition of condensate: send two bottles...
  4. Art shots (colored backgrounds, bottle plus glass, action shots)
  5. Lifestyle shots (bottle plus items compatible with your bottle)

What is included:

  1. A smiling portrait of each bottle, posed as you like
  2. High resolution image (jpg, tiff, png or dng)

What is not included:

  1. Repair of damaged labels
  2. Removal of back labels

Wine improves with age – the older I get, the better I like it.


Your results are guaranteed! If our portrait does not match your vision - you will not be charged!

Focus Photography

Doug Geniesse

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  • Focus Photography c/o Doug Geniesse
  • 504 View Ridge Dr
  • Everett, WA. 98203


  Life is too short to drink bad wine…

Bottle Portraits in the Pacific Northwest