Focus Photography projects

Our creative journey - shared

Our creativity seeks the creative, the improbable, the artistic. We often combine the mystic, the logical and fantasy.

Our path pushes past the edges of our logical world entering into the realm of the improbable.

1. Bike and Biker Showcase

Session Pricing: $200 (3-4 hour session)

2. Creative Portrait Project

Session Pricing: $200 (90 minute Session)

Sessions are free if you propose a new creative idea and it's accepted, follow link below:

[Link to propose an idea]

Bike and Biker

Bikers and the motorcycles they ride. We capture images of your bike, you and the combination.

Cost: Current cost $200


Creative Portraits

Creative portraits exploring lighting, portraitures and photo processing.

Cost: $200


Professional Headshots

We are taking professional headshots to the next level. You can help!

Cost: $100


“There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.”

- Ansel Adams